What is 5 basic nail art design?

What is 5 basic nail art design?

Dainty Daisies:

Create springtime vibes on your nails with this super-sweet daisy-inspired design.
After applying your base color, make dots using a toothpick or nail dotter pen to create the flowers.
For the quintessential white daisy look, use ESSIE’s Marshmallow1.

Chrome Specks:

These nails are chic yet edgy, perfect for a trendy look.
The chrome trend is reigning supreme in the nail world, and this polka dot design is beginner-friendly.

Neon Accent:

Keep it simple and easy with this design.
Choose any color (not just neon) and swatch a colored stripe over a clear or iridescent base1.

Matisse Lines:

Inspired by the carefree lines of Henri Matisse paintings.
Nude nails with minimalist lines that remain timeless and stylish.

Itty Bitty Metallic Tips:

Add a touch of glam with metallic tips.
A subtle yet eye-catching design that’s easy to achieve1.